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Jabushe is a very active skincare range. When the active
ingredients in the products penetrate the skin it is common
to feel a prickly tightening effect. This is normal and
decreases with time. Sometimes a small red rash can
appear, which is also normal.

To avoid overreaction, the skin should be gradually used
to the products. Use the products as follows:

• During the first week: Once every other day.
• During the second week: Once a day.
• During the third week: Morning and evening.

Please note!
Any swelling, itching or burning sensation is not normal.
Stop using the product. The product can be too active for
your skintype.

• Avoid use if there is a known allergy to the products’
• Always test a new skincare product by applying it to a
sensitive area of skin, e.g the crook of your arm, inside of
the wrist or behind the ear.
• Cleanse skin thoroughly before application.
• Avoid extreme heat and cold immediately after application. Let the cream sink in.
• When spendning time in direct sunlight use high SPF.
• For external use only.
• Aviod direct contact with eyes. In event of contact rinse
eyes carefully with clean running water.
• Anyone with a diagnosed skin complaint (e.g psoriasis or
telangiectasis), dilated blood vesselsor, particulary
sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist before
starting use.

Cool and dry. Not above normal room temperature.

Jabushe Sun

Fresh golden brown skin tone

Jabushe Collagen 30 sachets

Natural beauty from within

Jabushe Original Cream 50 ml

Intensive age defense


Jabushe Soft Cream 50 ml

Intensive age defense


Jabushe Eye Cream 15 ml
Intensive age defense
Jabushe Eye

Jabushe 3 in 1 Peeling Mask

Deep cleanses and moisturizes your skin