Jabushe Collagen facts

We go to great lengths to take care of our exterior, but many times we forget that what we can do from the inside is of equal importance. Jabushe Collagen is a carefully composed nutritional supplement for fresh skin with natural glow, shiny hair and strong nails – an excellent complement to your daily skin care routine. The primary ingredient is marine collagen of low molecular weight that is easily digestible and highly bioavailable, but Jabushe Collagen also contains:

  • vitamin C that triggers the body’s own production of collagen
  • biotin that contributes to normal skin and normal hair
  • zinc that contributes to normal skin, normal hair and normal nails.

Collagen – your skin’s best friend

Collagen is the most important building block of your skin, but can in addition to your skin be found in your joints, ligaments, bones, muscle tissue, hair and nails. Did you know that the skin consists of 70% collagen? The body’s own production of collagen slows down with age and this loss of collagen leads to signs of aging such as wrinkles, decreased level of moisture and reduced firmness of the skin.

Carefully selected composition for skin, hair and nails

With a carefully selected formula of collagen, vitamins and minerals, Jabushe Collagen makes a complete nutritional supplement for your skin, hair and nails:

Marine collagen* 5.000 mg Clinically documented with proven effect
C-vitamin Ester-C 100 mg Patented vitamin C, aids the body’s own collagen production
Zinc 10 mg Contributes to normal skin, hair and nails
Vitamin B5/pantothenic acid 3,5 mg Important for skin and hair
Biotin 50 mcg Contributes to normal skin and normal hair
*Peptan F, hydrolysed and clinically documented collagen from fish