Marie, beauty therapist


Marie Oddsson from Stockholm has worked as a certified beauty therapist for many years and places high demands on the products she recommends, claims that she sees Jabushe meets.

Jabushe does not disappoint you. It is clinically tested and scientifically validated with tangible results towards our aging and I see daily evidence that Jabushe works by visible effect on wrinkles, lines and hyper pigmentation. The fine research findings simply speaks for themselves.


Experience what Swedish, paraben-free and scientifically proven skin care can do for your skin. That’s the best advice I can give.


When I started working as an beauty therapist for a beauty salon, active and preventive skin care ranges were only available to customers who visited a beauty salon. This meant that fewer were able to use high and skin care. Today the market see it differently and at the same time customer requirements and knowledge of skin care has also increased.


Jabushe’s skin care range contains active ingredients and, offering visible results, therefore it is important that the skin has time to adapt to it. I recommend everyone to follow the advice offered on all Jabushe ’s leaflets. The result will not linger.


For me Jabushe is an obvious choice. Now it’s your turn.


Contact Marie today if you have questions about skin care or our products.

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